Dimitri Apostolopoulos

5 Rules to Stage your DMV Home to Sell

Homeowners are inundated with information regarding what to do to prepare their home for sale. DIY sites are ripe with an overwhelming amount of information. One checklist item that might get overlooked is staging your home.

Now, this can be accomplished by you and your favorite decorating friend, or you can hire a professional home-staging company. However you elect to stage your home, remember it is absolutely worth the effort and expense. We’ve simplified the process to get you started with our 5 rules to stage your DMV home to sell.

Selling Your Home in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC?

In a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 52% of potential buyers contribute a properly staged home to value and price they are willing to pay for the home. That alone is pretty good motivation to follow our 5 rules to stage your DMV home to sell.  More fun statistics from the Real Estate Staging Association:

  • Homes that are were previously listed, but not sold or staged stayed on the market 143 days. The same homes were professionally stages and spent 72% less time on the market.
  • Homes that were professionally staged before they were put on the market received an offer in an average of 23 days.
  • Staging works regardless of listing price. RESA studied 20 homes in the $100,000-$299,000 price range. Unstaged, those homes stayed on the market an average of 127 days. Post staged homes were on the market for 31 days.

Now that you’re excited to sell your house in less time than the house a block over, let’s get into our 5 rules to stage your DMV home to sell.

  1. It’s nothing personal– Pack up all your photos and other personal decor, plus any collector’s items. Potential buyers need to see the home’s features, something that tends to get lost behind family photos and antique soda bottle collections. Highlight floor plans, how the home “flows,” and interesting architectural features instead of your personal highlights.
  2. Pack it up, not in– Selling your home means moving is in your near future. Take this opportunity to minimize your belongings and maximize the space in your home. Closet space a problem? Use this time to get rid of clothes and shoes you no longer wear. Create space in your closet and a win-win for moving day. Empty space can be a good thing when storage space is under consideration.
  3. Time to shine– A failsafe way to impress potential buyers is to make your house spotless. Wipe down everything you can reach, including windows, appliances and storage areas. One tip for cleaning windows: clean the glass on a cloudy day, that reduces the likelihood of streaks.
  4. Use the unused- If there are spaces in your home that generate more activity than others, ie the living room vs the spare bedroom, liven up the less-used space. In an effort to declutter one area, consider moving small accessories or artwork to the other areas in your house. Let buyers know that every square foot is usable.
  5. Throw it in neutral– We all have our own decorating style and preferences. While living in a home, we make it as personalized as possible through paint colors and accessories that compliment those choices. But, not everyone who is interested in buying your home will have the same flair that you do. Neutral colors allow buyers to start off with a clean slate for their own style ideas.

These tasks aren’t too overwhelming if tackled one at a time. Plus, they work. Selling your house for top dollar in the shortest amount of time is optimal. These are effective tools to use when preparing your home for the market. When buyers are looking for homes in the DMV area, you want yours to stand out in their area property search.

On the subject of property searches, one other benefit of staging your home, it makes for better pictures online and in print. With the vast majority of home searches beginning online, having good photos of your home is top priority. When it looks good in real life, it will look good online.

I hope you have enjoyed our list and can put these words of wisdom to use. They will ultimately pay off in one or more ways. Please let me know how I can help you in your journey to home buying or selling. In our last blog we talked about our Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Realtor, I think you will find it useful. Let’s talk soon about your real estate goals.