Dimitri Apostolopoulos



Through decades of real estate experience, hundreds of transactions and as many happy clients, Dimitri Apostolopoulos has never lost his passion for real estate – because he’s never lost his love of home.

From building and restoring historic homes on Capitol Hill tohelping hundreds of newcomers find a place to call home herein the mid-Atlantic, Dimitri’s love of home and family comes across in everything he does.

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Melina ApostolopoulosMelina


Large or small, vintage or new-build, every Dimitri Homes listing gets a powerful market advantage, and her name is Melina Apostolopoulos. Melina works in partnership with husband Dimitri to provide comprehensive real estate services and guidance… Read More »


Administrative Assistant

Kelly Vance

Administrative Assistant 

You might never meet Kelly Vance in person during your experience with Dimitri Homes, but you’ll know she’s there by how smoothly everything goes and how every loose end seems to magically get tied without fuss. She provides expert… Read More »


Professional StagerMalena Kaplan

Professional Stager

Staging a home to show it at its best is a science– and it’s vital to generating the most interest and the best offers for your home.

Malena Kaplan is an interior designer and home staging professional who has helped… Read More »