Dimitri Apostolopoulos

Melina Apostolopoulos


Large or small, vintage or new-build, every Dimitri Homes listing gets a powerful market advantage, and her name is Melina Apostolopoulos. Melina works in partnership with husband Dimitri to provide comprehensive real estate services and guidance to clients in Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC, ensuring that every listing is aggressively promoted and presented in the best light to the right audience for a fast and profitable sale.

From 3-D, 360° online home tours to professionally produced brochures, Melina applies the most sophisticated marketing techniques and a discerning eye to each and every sale.

Melina graduated from Johns Hopkins University where she built an impressive portfolio of research and coursework in marketing, branding and consumer behavior that informs her work today. She is also an interior designer at heart and by nature. She was one of those children who was constantly rearranging the furniture, reorganizing the bookshelves and “renovating” the doll house. Travelling with her parents, she loved exploring each hotel to inspect the color schemes and critique the fabrics – begging to return to those with great décor. She oversees the professional staging process for Dimitri Homes clients and also helps sellers expertly cull and stage their own belongings – reducing seller costs and making every home shine.

Like her husband, Melina’s success as a real estate professional is rooted in her own love of home. As a self-described homebody and as mother to her daughter and the many four-legged creatures that inhabit the Apostopolous home, Melina knows that every Dimitri Homes property is a home waiting to happen – and a story waiting to be written.