Dimitri Apostolopoulos


Joe & Gloria H. – Montgomery Village, MD

Dear Dimitri,
In a very slow local market, with homes taking one to three months to sell, Dimitri Apostolopoulos sold our townhouse in one week – on the very first weekend of showing, to the very first visitor. There was a lot of work and seller education preceding this happy outcome: How we needed to prepare our property to show at its best, how to price it against a number of comparables, actually checking out the comparables in order to emphasize our property’s strengths against them. All these things Dimitri helped guide us through – and enabled us to get our asking price with zero haggling. And, once again, Thank You, Dimitri!

John S. – Gaithersburg, MD

When I came to Maryland on a relocation package, I didn’t know what to expect in terms of housing, pricing and schools. As much research as you do on line and during the job interview process, you always find surprises once you actually get started.

I was put in touch with Dimitri Apostolopoulos through the firms relocation company and again, didn’t know quite what to expect. Dimitri immediately reached out to me via phone and email to start the process. As soon as I was in the area to begin my new job, He arranged for us to meet in person, review our requirements for housing and locations, and to generally get to know me and my family. I was pleased that we immediately hit it off and I found it very easy and comfortable to work with him.

Dimitri has been in the real estate business for a while and his experience shows. He was patient as we visited many homes during our search and added what insights he could regarding the various areas in which we were interested.

We spent an entire Saturday with Dimitri looking at a dozen or more homes in our “power search” weekend. He took us to a great pizza place for lunch, as my family was craving “real, east coast, thin crust pizza” and they couldn’t have been more satisfied and happy.

When the house we ended up purchasing popped on the market, Dimitri was excellent at guiding us through the offer process and he stayed on top of the transaction all the way through closing.

Dimitri was also an excellent resource for contractors. I needed to get work in done in the house immediately after close, before the furniture was delivered. He arranged for painters, floor re-finishers, carpet replacement and granite installers. Using his resources and coordinating the work, we were able to complete all the work within a week after close and the results were excellent.

I would recommend Dimtri to anyone moving into the area. He has been in the real estate profession for many years, is a consummate professional, cares about his clients and his actions show that he wants his clients to be completely satisfied with the entire home purchasing process. I value Dimtri as a real estate professional and also consider him a friend.

Jamese H. – Frederick, MD

I recently transferred to Maryland from New Jersey and worked with Dimitri to find a new home. He provided expert guidance during the search and his experience as a builder was invaluable. He is a consummate professional and went above and beyond in handling real estate negotiations and settlement issues. Dimitri was a pleasure to work with and I am grateful for all of his help.

Katherine & Servio R. – Germantown, MD

We really loved working with Dimitri Apostolopoulos. We were first time home buyers who didn’t have a clue but he showed us the way. He was very experienced, knowledgeable but most importantly he was patient! I would HIGHLY recommend Dimitri to anyone whether they are a first time home buyer, looking to sell or buying their dream home. He is your man.
Katherine & Servio Rodriguez

Tao & Ning – Boyds, MD

It was a pleasant experience to work with Mr. Dimitri Apostolopoulos in the selling of our Boyds home. Everything was done very efficiently and of great quality, from market analysis to the preparation of marketing material and listing strategy, and to the offer negotiation and final closing. We were very impressed by Mr. Apostolopoulos’s knowledge, experience and resources, as well as his dedication and patience during the process. Our home was under contract within two weeks of listing, a result we didn’t expect in the slow market. Mr. Apostolopoulos’s great work has saved our time and effort tremendously. We would highly recommend him to our friends and neighbors.

Robert & Dawn G. – Frederick, MD

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Dimitri Apostolopoulos. I’ve relocated several times with my family, for my company and have sold and purchased many houses within the Northeast part of the country, we have worked with many Realtors throughout this process. My entire family and I can say that we’ve never had the opportunity to work with a Realtor like Dimitri. Dimitri knows everything there is to know about his market and the real-estate laws. He is also very knowledgeable about the construction of home as he comes from a family of building contractors. Dimitri’s extensive knowledge on these subjects put our minds at ease and allowed us to search for a home that would meet our needs.

Our first contact with Dimitri was via phone. Dimitri questioned my wife and I as to the type of house and location we were looking for, He requested all the basic info you would expect from your Realtor, such as number of bedrooms and baths, 1 story or 2, etc. A short time later Dimitri had a list of houses that met our criteria and was ready to schedule showings. This is where Dimitri really shines, after the first few houses is seemed as if Dimitri knew exactly what we were looking for and what was unacceptable to us. We would go to a house and Dimitri would know before we left the car that this was not the house for us, at a few showings we never even left the car because of the area or location of the house. This was a time saver for all parties and greatly appreciated.

After many showings we found the perfect home for our family. Dimitri stayed up late to write a contract with us at 11pm because of my busy schedule. Dimitri knew exactly how much to offer and how the entire negotiation process was going to unfold, with his guidance we wrote a very solid contract. A week before the scheduled closing on our new home there were unforeseen issues with the title due to the selling Realtor not having disclosed that the appropriate paperwork had not been processed on their end. Dimitri was so concerned about getting us in the right home that he kept us informed throughout the process on what seemed like an hourly basis. I really can’t say enough about Dimitri and the professional way he handles is clients. So once again I highly recommend Dimitri our Realtor, and now our friend, for any kind of real estate transactions you may have.

Brian F. – Arlington, VA

Dimitri Apostolopoulos is without question the best real estate professional that I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. In connection with my career, over the past 40 years, my family and I have bought and sold homes in Vienna, Virginia; Oakton, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; again in Vienna, Virginia; Dayton, Ohio; Arlington, Virginia; Newnan, Georgia, and now thanks to Dimitri Apostolopoulos again in Arlington, Virginia. Over those years, I have had a number of good real estate agents. Dimitri Apostolopoulos far exceeded the best of those that I had previously dealt with. Dimitri is truly in a class by himself.

The home that Dimitri rehabilitated and sold for my son and me was by far the most challenging. I originally bought and held it for years as a rental property. It was converted back to a personal residence while I was serving several deployments to Iraq. The house was more than 25 years old and still had the original kitchen and bathrooms. Normal maintenance and repairs had been delayed for the years that I had been deployed to Iraq when an opportunity for me to deploy to Afghanistan arose.

I did not want the house to be vacant for at least another year while I was deployed to Afghanistan, but I knew that it could not be sold in the deplorable condition that it was in. A co-worker told me about Dimitri Apostolopoulos and his skills in all facets of real estate management and sales as well as his knowledge and connections in home rehabilitation. I did not believe it was possible. Boy was I wrong!

Dimitri Apostolopoulos was everything that I was told and more. Dimitri took full charge of the rehabilitation and sale of my home. He had the house fully rehabilitated within a month including a new kitchen, three new bathrooms, new dining room, new carpeting and tiling, as well as thorough cleaning and repainting throughout. Dimitri excellent taste in fixtures significantly improved the appearance of the house and his connections in the home rehabilitation industry saved me a small fortune in getting the house ready for sale. Dimitri had the house sold at full price within five days of being put on the market. The sale closed 30 days later.

Further, and perhaps most importantly, Dimitri Apostolopoulos handled all of this with minimal, in fact almost no, involvement on my part. I provided him with funds to rehabilitate the house. Dimitri proved himself eminently trustful. It was no small relief to me to have such a trustful individual handling my money and the rehabilitation of my house while I was deployed to Afghanistan. In fact, Dimitri found discounts and bargains to stretch my money further in doing the property rehabilitation.

To find an individual of such skill, good taste, and integrity has been my incredibly good fortune. I will be forever grateful to Dimitri and to the colleague who recommended him to me. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend him to others.

Mary Y. – Germantown, MD

Dimitri, you are the best!

You greatly exceeded our expectations in the sale of my mother’s home in Germantown.

From the interview process to the final sale, you and your entire staff provided first class customer service.

As a first time home seller, we very much appreciated the fact that you were very patient in answering all of our questions and concerns about the overall process. Your advice was always very welcome and reflected not only your knowledge of the current housing market, but your expertise in marking and construction as well.

All of your hard work paid off as my mother’s home sold within four days of posting, to what we feel is the perfect person. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and definitely will call upon you when it is time to sell our home.

We cannot thank you enough for the great service and attention you gave us throughout the entire process.