Dimitri Apostolopoulos

Thinking About Remodeling Your DMV Home?

This month is a good time to plan out any major remodeling projects. Are you thinking of remodeling your DMV home? Whether a redesign is for your personal preference or because a move is in the works, we want to help you achieve your goals.

What Buyers Value In a Home

Today’s homebuyer is much savvier than any other group in potential buyer history. With internet searches, apps, and tools available to non-real estate individuals, most consumers know what they want before they ever make a call or send an inquiry email.

The benefit to this knowledge acquisition is that they usually have a good idea of what they want, cutting down on time wasted in consultations or previewing homes that would not meet their needs or wants.

Location Still Plays a Factor

The one aspect of home buying that is not negotiable is the location. Homebuyers will usually include or exclude a property based on the address relative to work, school, lifestyle, or traffic patterns. There are some of us who are willing to pay more not to deal with DMV traffic on a Friday before a holiday.

Families with school-age children value definite school districts for easy commutes for the kids, or for additional programs offered by the learning institutions.

The Open Concept Home

A layout with an open concept is “one size fits most” approach to remodeling. Staying with the special-needs-children theme, wide doorways for wheelchairs are a necessity. Even if a wheelchair isn’t a part of their lifestyle, the open concept is enjoyed by most homeowners. A small space will feel much bigger without walls hemming in the rooms.

Kitchens are one room where the open concept is greatly appreciated. People tend to gather in kitchens, and when the chef(s) is trying to prepare a meal, the gathering folks tend to get in the way. A kitchen that flows freely into the breakfast room, living room, or has a bar area eliminates the traffic jam.

If it is possible to take down a wall or two and reconfigure your storage plan, the renovation will pay off for buyer attention. Small rooms, especially kitchens feel dated and are challenging for those who frequently entertain friends and family.

The Bath Is Where It’s At

Along with kitchens, the room most potential buyers notice most often is the bathroom. Pink tiled sink? That will stand out in a client’s mind, and maybe not in a positive way. Spa-like bathrooms are all the rage, so do what you can to bring Zen into the theme. A rainshower shower head, soothing colors, maybe a river rock floor in the shower itself, all will add sophistication and positive vibes to the bathroom.

Soaking tubs are definitely making a comeback. If there is space in the lavatory for a soaking tub, that addition could catch the eye of every bubble bath fan to cross your threshold.

Color Me Neutral

Neutral color trends are moving from beige to gray this year. More and more interior designers are touting the benefits of white and gray as the new neutrals. When considering your finishing paint touches on the remodel, keep these color palates in mind. Grey and white are also popular for bathrooms as well.

Kitchens are clean slates of creativity with white walls and metal vent hoods. Much like the fancy restaurant kitchens we see all around our metroplex, metal hoods above the stove, add sophistication and three-dimensional visual interest to the cooking space.

Stainless steel is taking a turn for the dark this year as well. You’ll find additional shades of gray when it’s time to pick your new appliances. dark steel and muted black are the new shiny gray metal.

We love helping our clients reach their real estate goals. Please click on our Testimonials page to see what others say about our services. We also offer a Timeline and Tips for Moving to the DMV Area in a previous post.