Dimitri Apostolopoulos

Timeline and Tips for Moving to the DMV Area

Timeline-and-Tips-for-MovingWe love our DC/Maryland/Virginia metro area. The culture, energy, food, people watching all provide endless opportunities for entertainment and enrichment. Whether you’re just starting your home search of have signed on the dotted line and are ready to start packing, check out our Tips for Home Buyers in the DMV Area.

Because this is the center of all that is essential to our government, there are a lot of rules in the DMV area that do not exist in other cities. To help you with some of the finer points of moving to our nation’s capital, we’ve configured this:

A Timeline and Tips for Moving to the DMV area

Our first tip is to start early in your preparations. As soon as the offer letter is signed or the school accepts you into their program, begin the process.

In our profession, we have seen it time and time again: last-minute-moving panic. This emotional response to stress is not an enjoyable state of being for anyone involved. A friend once said to their fiance at the start of moving day, “I apologize in advance for anything I might say today.” In this scenario, prevention is the best cure.

To begin the moving process, contact a moving company. Whether you are going the DIY route or hiring professionals, secure all necessary equipment way in advance. Personally, we would recommend a backup plan just in case communication lines get crossed, or reservations get canceled.

Check to make sure the moving company or movers are licensed, bonded and insured. The old “If you break it, you buy it” does not apply to hired help unless they come with insurance. After you contact the moving company, get rid of anything you don’t want to move. Save yourself time and money on moving day with less stuff in the transport truck.

Write your name, phone number, and your new address on every box you use. As you collect boxes, write your information on them, this will save time later. Use an inventory sheet for all of your belongings. Regardless of who is carrying the goodies, you should keep a list of everything that makes the cut.

Two weeks or a few days before -depending on your schedule- get your car serviced, refill prescription medications, forward your mail, close out bank accounts, and organize all critical personal documents.

Just before the moving trucks arrive, make sure all your utilities are on at the new place. There is nothing worse than a cold shower after moving all day.

Relocating to the DMV area? 

There are some area-specific things you should know. The DMV is a congested space and knowing how to operate like a local before you are one can save you a headache.

For example, if you are moving into a high-rise or multi-family building research the building for:

  • parking rules
  • quiet hours
  • move-in fees

Try to reserve a move-in time with your building manager. And remember, if you’re dealing with an elevator schedule, maximize that window of opportunity. Some condo or co-op residences only allow 2-4 hours of elevator time per resident.

If you are going to drive the moving vehicle yourself; please be aware of the no-truck zone near the White House. Research routes to your new home to make sure your vehicle complies with safety rules within the city.

Police permit signs may be available for street parking to move out of or into your new place. Take your documentation to the closest police station, at least, ten days before your move date to see what sort of options are available.

As far as timing of your move, a weekday morning will be your best bet.  Weekdays are less in demand for moving companies, than weekends. That’s key, just in case the worst case scenario arises, and you need a backup moving company or additional help. Traffic is more predictable during the week than on the weekend as well.

If possible, schedule your move for sometime mid-month. The first week of the month is packed with people moving into new homes, and the last month is the opposite with folks moving out.

Please contact us about our Timeline and Tips for Moving to the DMV Area,  we would love to hear from you.