Dimitri Apostolopoulos

Tips for Home Buyers in the DMV Area

Tips for Home BuyersWhether you are a first-time home buyer, or you’ve been around the real estate block before, buying a home is an involved process with a lot of moving parts. We understand this as much as anyone, and we are here to help. Because it is always easier to keep on track with a checklist, we’ve put together our favorite tips for homebuyers in the DMV area.

Buying A Home in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC?

The DMV area offers abundant possibilities for its residents, and future residents as well. If you already live in the area, you are familiar with the sights and sounds of this thriving metropolis. If you are looking to relocate to the metro area, we are here to help. This is a vast geographical region with an overwhelming number of housing options. We are here to assist you with your real estate goals.

That brings us back to our tips for homebuyers in the DMV area. When setting goals, especially housing goals, your first step should be to prioritize. Write down what is important to you, not just with the size of the home, but also considering your commute, schools, proximity to grocery stores or restaurants, or public transportation. Our Metro system is top-notch, allowing people to live further away from their office, but with an ease of access to all parts of the city and suburbs.

Next on our list of tips for homebuyers in the DMV area is to research areas you might want to consider living. Truly this is an area of diversity for both inhabitants and architectural styles. This area hosts every type of residential option from sleek, modern flats to country estates with horse stables. We can help you narrow your search by area based on how much space you need or want, or by proximity to work and play.

We also suggest you visit open houses after you have determined a potential area in which to live. Open houses are usually held on the weekends when most of your future neighbors will be at home. If you want to see who you’ll be living by, go visit an open house on a Sunday afternoon. There’s a good chance the neighbors will be at home or even at the home preview.

When you have reached the open house point, it is also a good time to begin the budget process. If you need help with financing, we can help with that part of the home-buying process as well. Over the years we have established several positive working relationships with lenders. We are happy to suggest a lender who will work with you to reach your goal.

It is always a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage. When talking with your lender, bring up this topic. They will be happy to help, and it will speed up the home-buying process. You will need to get your credit happy and healthy, plus provide paperwork such as w-2s or other income-related statements.

One other tip we like to give to homebuyers is to get insurance as soon as possible. Most title companies require insurance on the property to close the sale.

Here is our tip checklist again in a summary:

  • Prioritize
  • Research areas
  • Visit open houses
  • Budget
  • Research lenders
  • Get pre-approved
  • Get insurance

We are here to help you with your homebuying goals. Our goal is to find your ideal home in a setting that works with you and your lifestyle. Buying a home can be a process, but we are here for you every step of the way.

We also work with sellers. Because of our extensive background in the real estate and building industries, we know what it takes to sell a home. This process is way more involved than sticking a sign in the yard or putting a lock box on the door. Your home has to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. That’s why we created our 5 Rules to Stage your DMV Home to Sell. It’s a helpful guide for anyone in the market to sell their home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from our tips checklist. Please contact us to talk about your real estate goals and how we can help make them happen.